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Pre-emptively took down my Tumblr

Posted by Kazukoto - November 19th, 2018

In wake of the recent Tumblr purges affecting NSFW content creators, I decided to voluntarily close my own Tumblr account. The writing is on the wall, and I won't sit around and wait for the inevitable.

I'll find another place to rehost my uncensored variants.

Seriously, fuck those guys.


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Oh . . . um . . . @ironicallyhapee just posted an art post about this. I typically try not to get in the way of people jumping to conclusions about things that have to do with programming Since I study it and I honestly stopped caring about explaining it to people. I'm not even going to explain the mentality.

If that is the case, that's still an astoundingly huge oversight on their part. Their response doesn't seem very swift in reversing wrongful bans.

At best, this just seems careless.

I was never particularly fond of Tumblr. For me, it was just a means of posting my uncensored image sets. I'll manage without it.

welcome, ya tumblr sucks

Thanks, but I've been here for a while now lol

@Tyler @Kazukoto just pretend im retarded lol

@mixmaster1000 @Kazukoto oh without a doubt its a huge oversight on their part, to be fair im surprised the site is still kept up due to them seeming not to know how to run a website

I mainly just did my post to try and clarify for people who may have been overly worried since there seemed to be loads of different theories and misinterpretations of the situation

Yeah, from the looks of it, this all seems to stem from their app being delisted from the App Store, probably because it wasn't in compliance with Apple's Terms of Service.

@ironicallyhapee @Kazukoto @Kazukoto I actually found an article that may explain it or give answers to the real reason behind it. i aint that far off from it, but ill link it if people wanna see it


got no clue if this is a reasonable source or not though, apologies if it isnt